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*** Impact Factor 3.827*** Call for Research Paper in Below Fields for Year-2023 *Impact Factor 3.435***
Management :- Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, supply chain management, Health and Safety, and Other Management subject. Engineering : Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Production Engineering ,Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Other Engineering Department Other Various Fields : Agriculture,Arts, Botany, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Dentistry, Ecology, Economics, Geology, Health Science, History, Horticulture, Information Technology, Mathematical Science, Medical Science,Microbiology, Molecular Biology,Literature,Languages Pharmacy, Physics, Sports Science, Veterinary Science, Statistics ,Zoology,Fashion Technology and Other Subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Is this Journal Peer Reviewed?

   Yes it is Double Blind Peer Reviewed from Reputed Experts of their Fields


2) How does the whole process works?

   For Online submissions link is provided on website. Authors need to fill the details in initial submission, attach the manuscript and submit. After    submitting the manuscript initially peer committee review the manuscript, as soon the review is done, authors will be informed about acceptance or rejection of the status through mail. Once acceptance of paper is confirmed, authors will be provided unique ID Number to his manuscript submitted, there after author need to fill the final submission paper along with rest of the formalities. In case Manuscript is rejected authors need to do the necessary corrections and resubmit the form Author can also Submit manuscripts as e-mail attachment to the editorial office at: editor@ijmrc.com or ijmrcinfo@gmail.com A manuscript number will be mailed to the corresponding author same day or within 48hours.


3) Is the Journal published at regular intervals?

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)publish its issue every month.

4) What type of papers doInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC) publish?

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)publish Research Paper, Survey Paper, Informative Article, Case Studies, Review Papers, Comparative Studies, Dissertation Chapters, Research Proposals or Synopsis and M.Tech / M.E / PhD Thesis from Engineering, Management, Social Science Mathematics and Other fields.


5) How do I send my manuscript for Initial submission?

You can submit your manuscript through E-Mail editor@ijmrc.com or ijmrcinfo@gmail.com Or Online also


6) How will I come to know that my Paper is Online?

We will send a mail on your registered mail ID once your paper gets online.


7) What is a Paper ID?

Paper ID is a Unique Identification Code provided to your submitted Manuscript. You should always mention the Paper ID during any communication with us.


8) Is it possible to submit the same article to International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)and another Journal simultaneously?

No. Unless your article is not rejected by International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC), you will be bound by an undertaking that the article submitted by you is not published or submitted for publication in any other journal than International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)).


9) How much time it takes to complete review process?

The peer review process usually complete within 7 days' time, depending upon the number of research paper in queue.


10) How does the review process work?

The review of articles is done through a double blind peer review. All the articles received by International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)are sending to Review Committee members after deleting the name of the Author and Country to have an unbiased opinion about the research.


11) Are there any hidden charges for Publication Certificate after paying processing fees?



12) My Article is online, but i have discovered a mistake in it.

Corrections will be made free of charge only if those mistakes were not present in Finally Submitted manuscript by Author.


13) I have not received my Publication Certificate.

Please mail us at editor@ijmrc.com or ijmrcinfo@gmail.com


14) How can i apply to be an International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)member?

You may do so by applying through E-Mail: editor@ijmrc.com or ijmrcinfo@gmail.com . We do not acknowledge or process applications that do not meet minimum requirements for respective position.


15) How do you choose the Reviewers?

Eminent academicians are on the editorial board of International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre (IJMRC)who evaluate applicant profiles before they are selected for place in Editorial Board or Reviewer Panel. Common opinion of all Editorial members about respective profile is finally considered for acceptance or denial of application for applied position.


16) May i ask for Refund If my paper not published or my Documentation not received. ?

It is impossible not to provide said documentations. In case of any ignorance we will Refund if we failed to deliver you said documentations.


17) I did not find my question on your FAQ list.

Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at editor@ijmrc.com or ijmrcinfo@gmail.com .We will be happy to serve you better.


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